Pinhole Camera Marathon

Today is the last Sunday in April. Today is WPPD – Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. On the whole planet people with a pinhole camera shoot and upload a picture in Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Gallery. Once you have tried it is difficult to elude the fascination of these images.
I equipped my digital SLR with a pinhole instead of a lens. I did not need to wonder about the location. Since the WPPD coincides with the Marathon in Hannover and I used to be there as a helper this issue was solved. I just needed a tripod and relatively short exposure times. Due to my equipment and way of working I distinguished from the residual raft of photographers and camera crews. Exposure times I previously tested. Pictures are always in focus, as focused as possible and nothing to see in the viewfinder anyway. So you can get started on photographing courageously.

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